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Guestbook for Rigid Softball
Very nice site!
great stuff! love Softball

Regards, J
Durkee/ Alva's Mom(non-registered)
Wonderful Group of Girls and Families...
Very Welcoming team....
Hallie enjoyed herself at Fire Lake this past weekend... Rigid is a great team!!!!
Coach Smith(non-registered)
Great girls! Great families! Great head coach! Most importantly, great chemistry! You can't coach chemistry- it's either there or it's not. That chemistry extends to the families as well. This a very, very special group of girls! Too bad they don't all go to the same school.
Terrie Fort(non-registered)
Such a great group of girls and families to spend my weekends with!! So proud of the fight in our girls and our coaches. Thank you for never giving up and believing in yourselves and each other. Go Rigid!!!